Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Denver Airport

Top 10 reasons that 'that' second airport in Denver isn't just an airport
(Note from HT:  This list is *brilliant* love it when these kind of lists come through
  • Murals on the wall (boy in gas mask is particularly good)
  • Privately funded  (Note from HT: Oh well. PRIVATE funding.  Has to be evil!!)
  • Unusual symbols (Au Ag)  (Note from HT:  You need to understand the conspiracy context here..  Google and see how far they think the rabbit hole goes..)
  • Build by the 'New World Order Commission' (Note from HT:  Loved this one)
  • Perfectly fine airport already (Note from HT:  I'm assuming that she didn't go there to inspect the first Denver airport...  But can't be sure)
  • Underground buildings (Note from HT: Because when you put buildings underground you are EVIL!!  Although in fairness..  An underground landing strip would have been suspicious)
  • Time capsules hidden for the people of 2094 (Note from HT: Pretty sure that my school had a time capsule..  Now I'm really suspicious of my old head master)
  • Proximity to past presidents, royalties, rich peoples homes
  • 5300 miles of fibre optics installed
  • Swastika runway (Note from HT : Casually thrown in the list)
Suggest you google this one.  It's more interesting that I thought it would be (But clearly NOT what the conspiracy people claim it is)

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